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Gary S
Nov 30, 2019

It’s so great to be able to enjoy our patio all summer with no annoying mosquitoes! And our grandchildren can run and play too!

Holly A
Nov 10, 2019

Love, love this company and have recommended to friends!!!

James A
Nov 10, 2019

Only saw a few mosquitos all summer!! It changed our backyard!

Kelly H
Nov 09, 2019

Obviously, it’s impossible to rid an open area of all mosquitos however I was able to enjoy my garden and patio area without being eaten by those pesky insects! There was a big noticeable difference. I will use Mosquito Joe again!!!!

Annette S
Nov 08, 2019

I am retired now from transportation logistics. I have requested, to save on expense of extra trips out, to do my yard and neighbor’s yard at the same time/stop. Well it has fallen on deaf ears. By doing 2 different dates/stops, it just escalates the overhead/expenses. Save money on cost per “STOP.”

Mike B
Nov 02, 2019

Wasn’t bothered by those pesty things this summer. Will definitely have you back next summer.

Teri J
Oct 31, 2019

Susan K
Oct 29, 2019

It was a very fun summer around both the pool and the patio. Not once were we bothered by mosquitos, and we could enjoy both areas late into the evening as well as in the day. We will definitely call Mosquito in the spring if 2020.

Sue &
Oct 27, 2019

We have dogs and when I would go enjoy the back yard with them, I was constantly bitten and or buzzed by mosquitos! Not once since Mosquito Joe visit! Love it when things work out like you hope they will! I will never suffer mosquitos again.

Katherine B
Oct 26, 2019
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